Pujcka online ihned Košťany

We have specialized ourselves to the needs of farmers and nature lovers. Many years of experience in growing, contracting, fermenting, threshing and packing tobacco.
We are able to offer: tobacco stored, packed, or produced in our own factories in leaf, strips, blended strips, ready made cigar filler, various under products and cut rag for cigarette, Myo pipe tobacco, and R.Y.O. factories.
We are independent and with international know-how.
We offer personalized just in time supplies at even more competitive prices, guaranteeing the supply even in years with short crops due to our independence and the fact that we grow tobacco directly.
Our continuous research, as well as our knowledge in biotechnological advanced growing methods is reflected in the quality of our products.
The pricing of our industrial products is extremely competitive due to the direct supply chain.
We produce upon customer request to precise quality requirements and deliver JUST IN TIME for the production necessities.
Our group through its Biotechnological research participation, is a major producer in the EU of Organic fertilizers, as well as ecological products and techniques for plant protection.


Pujcka online ihned Košťany